04 December, 2004

Proper Coffee Making

  • Grind, don't buy ground.
  • Make sure the filters are tall enough. Short, mutant filters over-flow (as well I know).
  • 1 Tbls of beans per cup o'joe desired = the happiest brew.
  • Make the coffee, then clean up the grinder and put away the beans, and wipe up the spilled water. Don't clean up ahead of time, or you'll have no reward mud to consume!
  • Whoever said it is necessary to freeze the beans was wrong. Seal them up, in a cannister or whatever, but don't freeze them. Anyone who needs to store their beans like Walt's head (yeah, I know that's a myth, but I like the imagry) doesn't drink enough java. It shouldn't be around long enough to see established space colonies.
  • Drink it, then drink some more.

1 comment:

ebaleytherogue said...

Don't forget to clean that drip coffee maker! You won't do it monthly -- though you should -- but you'll speed up your brew time and drastically improve your mud's flavor by running a pot of white vineger through. Don't forget the filter! Then run two pots of water through it, wash the pot and filter holder, and you're good to go.