03 December, 2004

Knowledgebase Item - Baby is driving you nuts with incessant crying

Baby is driving you nuts with incessant crying


Never shake a baby.


Contrary to popular idiotic belief, babies do not cry to make you mad. They do it only for the following reasons:


  • Hunger (Feed them)
  • Tired (Put them to bed)
  • Dirty Diaper (Change them)
  • Pain, such as teeting, ear infection, etc. (Help them! Call the doctor)
  • Needs comforting from its care-giver (Comfort them)
  • Other physical irritation, such as Nuk under the back, wrinkled sheet, they're too cold, they're too warm, missing comfort item (Fix it)


  • Fighting with your significant other (Stop it and remember who comes first; hint: it ain't you or your spouse)
  • Thinks care-giver will not fulfill their responsibilities (Comfort them) .
  • Care-giver is yelling at them (Who's the adult here, anyway? Buck up and remain calm.)

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