21 March, 2006

Led Zeppelin - 2 DVD Box Set - A review

At my favorite used DVD/CD store, I bought the Led Zeppelin 2-disc box set (self-titled).

Being an ever increasingly avid fan of 5.1 digital DTS soundtracks (which seem superior to Dolby digital 5.1 in most cases), I was excited to get it for $13, in perfect condition.

I remember watching, back in..oh..1984 or ’85, ‘The Song Remains the Same’, at a Midnight movie. I remember it [vaguely] as being of poor visual quality, and mediocre sound, not to mention not the best performances. This compilation is far different. The soundtrack, remastered for 5.1 surround sound, is superb, and the concert footage is top notch! My home theater system (wired by me, before we put up the drywall in the basement, and fine-tuned by an audiophile friend of mine) does it justice. All six speakers are utilized.

The only downfall is that Moby Dick is the pre-album version, and ole Bonham had yet to make it very interesting. Either that or he was smashed off his ass and forgot to do anything interesting.

Masters in their prime. I highly recommend this set.

For a list of songs and features, see http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00008PX8P/002-7486936-5202413?v=glance&n=130