13 March, 2005

I bought a Gateway notebook

I am typing this on my new Gateway 7210GX notebook. I never thought I'd buy a Gateway, much less a notebook, but I decided the only way I can ever get any non-work writing done (essays and short stories) is to have a notebook to take to Starbucks or my other favorite coffee shops.
I bought it from Best Buy's WEB site last week and picked it up at the store, and after tax it came to less than $1,000. It's got an 80GB hard drive, Windows XP Home Edition, a DVD and CD BURNER, and a wide-screen 15.5" fantastic monitor. What's more, it has built in WiFi wireless, so it really is on my lap, without any wires, while I'm on the internet. Fun stuff. Sure, I'll do work-work on it, but I'll be able to do my own thing too. We'll have our deck done by June, and I plan to be out there wirelessly typing away, assuming it's not too bright out to use the darn thing. Of course, I could be out there at night with the mosquitoes, having a grand old time.