13 November, 2006

The Latest

Current items that trip my e-trigger:


Firefox 2.0 – Oh yeah.  Brilliant.  Sure, I upgraded my IE to version 7, and Microsoft did a decent upgrade.  A wizard would have been nice though, to warn me about the security changes and offer to adjust them based on my criteria.  With Firefox 2.0, none of that was necessary.  Everything simply worked, out of the gate.  And incompatible Firefox 1.5.x extensions were pointed out, and updates were offered where available, etc.  Very mature product.


Escape Pod – SF Podcast.  You’ll be mesmerized.


1080i LCD HDTV’s – LCD has finally come into its own, rendering plasma irrelevant.  Now if the prices can get near DLP, we’ll be smokin’.


SharePoint in the workplace – Goodbye public folders.  So long wonderful emails that get lost.  The BBS concept on the intranet.


TigerDirect.com, Buy.com, and Computer Shopper – Among these three, who needs to leave the house to shop, Geek?


Voting – It’s come back into vogue.


3,300,000 year old human skull --  Check out Scientific American for more information.


$50 Starbucks card from my in-laws --  I’m more jittery and crazed then ever, and at someone else’s expense.


Porn Music Ringtone – I googled ringtones and found this one.  Associate it with someone you love (or want to love), and get that vibe when they call.


1GB MicroSD Flash Card for my phone – My original PC was an Apple ][+ with 48K of memory.  My phone has a 1GB card.  Sign me up for the old folks home.  I can take movies of my kids, all the pictures I want, house MP3’s on it…and it just keeps lettin’ me.


Ghost Recon, the original – I bought this game back in 2001 and recently re-discovered it, and my peeps and I have been playing it online against each other now and then.  It stands the test of time.  Can’t see our weapons hanging out in front of us, but otherwise it still rocks.  Plus we can use our crappy old sloppy-seconds PC’s if we want to.


Smallville – It’s gotten more interesting now that Pa Kent bit it and the Green Arrow joined up.  I just wish I could remember to whom I lent some of the prior seasons’ DVD’s so I can get them back.


David Brin’s Uplift Novels – Folks have suggested I read these for years, and I finally started.  Fun.


Secure Flash Drives – Come on!  The ability to transport one’s files around, securely…on the cheap?  Buck Rogers, Baby?  Who?