26 September, 2009

Fall TV off to a decent start - Season Finales too

New Season or New Shows

"Fringe" - Two episodes in, it's settling down a bit. Not sure if I like settling down, but the scripts have been solid if a bit too expository...but that's good for new viewers.

"Dollhouse" - One episode in, a bit confusing at the beginning, with ex-FBI dude jumping from unknown status, to client, then to employee. Obvious editing cuts due to time-constraints. However, great dialog, especially between the 'creator' and 'Whiskey', about her status as a human -- total psychology meets sci-fi time, and pure Whedon. Let's not forget he wrote Toy Story.

"Community" - Two episodes in, the first was fantastic, although heavily spoiled due to promotion. Second episode...not sure I dug it. Seems like the show is shaping up as a series of one-liner put-downs. Hope #3 is better. The cast is great, although the female lead delivered her lines, in episode 2, in rapid fire succession. Seemed like an acting exercise, but I like her, so I'm considering it a one-off or a bad director approval.

"Heroes" - One episode in. I'm still a fan of the show. I'm digging that the guy from "Prison Break" is now on as the head of the carnival freaks. Aside from telekinesis I can't really tell what his tattoo power does, and why it links to "naked-back chick"'s power of apparently being able to read tattoos...given by him...whatever. Anyway, I'm still a fan [one of the few, apparently] of the show, and I like seeing the characters returned to some semblance of normalcy, meaning having actual lives.

"Smallville" - One episode in. It's nice to finally see the damn 'S' on his chest, now in Season 9. A bit confusing when he dove off the building in an attempt to fly, then ended up back in the fortress working on his mental exercises (ala Spock in ST:IV). Would have been nice to see him hit the ground, but probably not in the budget. Story wise? Herky-jerky start, with the Watchtower folks (Green Arrow and the rest) disappearing due to "guilt over Jimmy's death". Kind of whiny. 'S' happens and all that. Still a fan though. Eight years invested means something...but not much, as I think we bailed on 'ER' at year 7 or 8.

"The Vampire Diaries" - Watching it. Some cool stuff. Dawson's Creek meets "Twilight" (oh, wait, "Twilight" is already DC meets Buffy and Underworld, without the Buffy humor..so confusing...). Zero surprises, although the Rob Lowe-like brother is a pleasant high point as a villain. Decent acting. I'll keep watching for a while and see how it pans out.

"Michael & Michael Have Issues" - Lots of good here. Where are the rest of the new episodes? I think there have only been five or six.

"Glee" - Three episodes in. Still strong. The addition of the stud who like MILF's...a LOT...a welcome addition.

"Eastwick" - One episode in, I liked this and actually chuckled often. I think I laughed out loud a couple of times. Sort of Desperate Housewives meets Charmed, with a dash of Old Christine on top. We'll be around for episode two, for sure. Humorous with the potential to be joltingly dark when it needs to be.


"Eureka" - Clearly shot as if it was the SERIES finale; I hope it's not. Haven't heard either way. Perhaps they hadn't, either, during production, and did it as a "just in case". A decent, standard fare episode. I do like that Carter has a steady, or temporarily steady, love interest, although it's nice to move her away so he can start over...if the series continues. Monogamy doesn't make for good action drama, at least not since "Hart to Hart".

"Dark Blue" - Yes. We got to see Carter make a mistake, or sort of a mistake, and the team cover it up. Everyone behaved pretty much as expected, although the level of loyalty might have been a bit over the top for what we viewers have SEEN over the season. Good stuff and hoping for more.

"Warehouse 13" - Good finale right up to five minutes before it ended, when the recording stopped. Turned out some wrestling match ran over, prior to the beginning. Dammit, SyFy Channel! Oh, and there was no re-run scheduled, and that episode is not yet posted to the Free section of U-verse OnDemand. I'll have to wait for that, the re-run, or see if it's online yet. I saw it to the point where McPherson got busted out of the "Bronze Room" (ala Han Solo at the beginning of 'Jedi'), and was "caught" screwing with the computer. A show that I truly didn't think would keep me coming back each week...it succeeded in doing so.