08 December, 2004

If you've got to be sick, be Dayquil sick

I've got a sore throat that feels like someone rammed a steel pipe down it. And no, I'm not into that. My tonsils look like those pictures of beached whales that have been picked at by the gulls for about three weeks.

Dayquil -- or at least the Walgreen's equivalent -- Daytime, has been my savior. Taking it, the symptoms go away. So do I. I float above my body, seeing myself go through the motions, yet simultaneously detached from all emotional impact. [Also known as "The Jason State"]. I assume it's like what must happen when one gets a large HD TV and cannot turn it off. Staring at my life in full HD color, without properly adjusted sound. Must have an under-powered speaker arrangement. Gotta have more quil.

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