17 September, 2012

ITIL Family Restaurant & Bakery

Inspired by the events in today's ITSM meeting:

ITIL Family Restaurant & Bakery

My Service Portfolio, My Recipes
My Service Catalog, My Dining Menu
My Experts, My Suppliers
You, My Clients, My Diners

You consume my sauces
Which meet FDA inspection

I do not divulge where I buy my tomatoes
My suppliers request anonymity
Their relationship with me is
As mine is with you

I deal with them on your behalf
As your appointed proxy
Your champion
To illicit from them their best

My bread is tasty
You care not what flavor
So long it meets your nutritional needs
And is tasty with complimentary morsels

I provide meals
You ask not for a plate of ingredients

You and your party plan to return
You have seldom seen food appear so quickly
And Steaming

You eat
You enjoy

You purge
You are happy

You converse while you dine
Oblivious to the kitchen machinations

As it should be

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