20 September, 2012

Google+ Hangout & Other Phone Video Conferencing - Beware the Restroom Click

Yesterday, after working with a coworker and my boss, helping the latter familiarize herself with Google+ hangouts, I went to the restroom.  Sitting there, checking my phone's status updates, it looked like my boss had sent another hangout request.  I went to click it, with the idea of removing it from the droid notification list, but instead I launched Hangouts.  Since my last camera-related action had been using the forward-facing camera, I found myself looking at my startled self, upward from my lap.

I scrambled to turn off the hangout, before she signed-in, and in so doing, I was waving the camera around.  'Oh no!!!!', shrieked my mind, as the point of view blazed across my chest, my distressed face, and the walls.  Even navigating to my phone's home screen did not shut down the client.  I managed to find the appropriate command, and I exited the hangout, prior to anyone signing in, but it was touch and go (no pun intended) there for an eternal 20 seconds.

Beware, oh ye user of Google+ Hangouts, Skype, and FaceTime.  This could happen to you.

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