24 October, 2009

Bill Cosby joins CinchCast

Cosby sends periodic audio updates, from his phone, to CinchCast.
It's kind of like Twitter, only with voice. Way too darn easy. Anyway,
if you go to the site, you can click the 'Play' buttons and play
anything he's said, then comment on it. Same would be true for just
about anyone.

As with Twitter, or any status updates on Facebook or MySpace, I am
ambivalent. I mostly think this sort of thing is distracting, for the
viewer/listener/reader, and self-aggrandizing for the poster. And yet,
both sides of the equation attract me, mildly. Like gravity, it is a
weak force, yet it pulls me in, and with enough of it, it can become
crushing. Of course, it can also keep one grounded...remembering there
are others with whom to share the tick-tock..the on-going entropic march.

Everything in moderation, and all that. With that disclaimer,
experience it at http://www.cinchcast.com/BillCosby .


Jason said...

I want you to join CinchCast.

That would be the only social network-esque entity that I would follow.

My standards are high. In this regard.

ebaleytherogue said...

I'm on there, Jason. Just go to http://www.cinchcast.com/Dan-Reams/