28 November, 2009

The Holidays and Why You Shouldn't Be Stressed

    This recession has made me more centered.  I'm enjoying being frugal, living on cash, versus credit, reducing the amount of money we're spending on Christmas, eating at home more often, making sure to make coffee at home versus picking it up at the gas station, and buying just a small (tall) coffee, at Starbucks (versus a latte),  streaming Netflix content to the home TV's versus going to or renting movies.  None of it has reduced my quality of life.  If nothing else I'm more tuned in, more aware of my surroundings,  more . . . conscious.

    It all comes back to the premise that convenience itself takes one away from experience, and without experiencing, we are merely observers.  Through experience we gain insight, the first step to wisdom. 

    So here's to experiencing.

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