01 January, 2009

Zune - Mine is Back in Action

Well, my Zune brothers and sisters, aside from Microsoft's mixed messages that the Zune would come back to life around noon today, mine is back up and in action as of right now. 

6:59 AM:
I plugged it in, just before 7:00 AM, and it charged up enough and booted up.  I then launched the Zune PC app, and the Zune is syncing.  I have a lot of podcasts, several video ones, so this should take a while.

7:09 AM:
When it hit 100%, of syncing, the screen went black, and now I'm getting the power plug indicator.  Hmmm.  We all know that it likes to have SOME power in it, even though it's plugged in, so like a car battery I'll let the thing trickle charge and see what happens.

7:12 AM:
The menu came back, and...whoops...there it goes syncing again.  Not the Zune's fault, per say, but the fact that it is syncing simultaneously with the PC software downloading content updates, thus forcing the Zune into a cycle of syncing, chilling, then syncing some more.  I usually launch the Zune software, before I go to bed, and then sync the next morning, which keeps the downloading, to the PC, and the syncing to the Zune, separate in time.  My biggest syncing "problem" is that things like 'Meet the Press' (video) and 'The Digg Reel' (video) take quite a while to convert over to Zune format.  I watch both of them regularly, so I will probably live with it.  I've skinnied down my vids though, the ones that I don't really watch.  Still hopelessly addicted to 'Escapepod' and 'Pseudopod' (audio), and they are quick syncs, so no biggie there.

Anyway, it looks like all is good, except the Zune's clock is now on PST instead of CST.  Once the syncing is done I'll see where I can set the time zone.  I poked around in the PC software and didn't find it.

7:30 AM:
Okay, all my syncing is done.  I reset the clock manually; it had the minutes right, like atomic-time right, but the hours were two off.  I reset it to my time, but I still found no time zone setting.

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