23 January, 2009

Firefox - 'NASA Night Launch' theme and 'Dark Gmail2 Nasa' Extension - Pretty Neat

Being a space program fan, I use the Firefox - 'NASA Night Launch' theme.  I noticed this morning an add-on, the 'Dark Gmail2 Nasa' Extension, that compliments it.  It basically extends the NASA theme down into the GMail web interface.  I dig it.  While I prefer to do my GMailing through Thunderbird, this will be a cool interface when I am out and about and using my thumb drive's U3 version of Firefox.

Check it out via your Firefox's Themes and Add-ons.

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Anonymous said...


if you scroll almost to the bottom of the page on this link, to the pictures of launch date May 19, 2000, you'll see what i saw.

i have a friend who lives in south florida and he's at every launch/landing he can make it to. i was visiting him at that time and he took me to see this launch. it was soooooooo beautiful. the bus driver, who takes visitors out to the viewing area, said it was the most amazing launch he'd seen.

my pictures are good, but i don't have them on disc or i'd have just shown you some of them.

space, the final frontier....

~ para