19 July, 2012

Note to WPR's "At Issue With Ben Merens" regarding 2012-07-17 Episode

YOUR_COMMENT: LONG-TIME listener,  re: 7-17-2012 show:

Absolutely fascinating.

I listened to WPR's "At Issue with Ben Merens" and found that I was one of those who had to check my phone, while walking from room to room, or grab it when I heard it chime, or felt it vibrate, to see if I was "missing anything".  I have even experienced "Phantom Vibration Syndrome" (or whatever), when one thinks an itch, coming from the general vicinity of where one stores one's phone, is actually a phone vibration alert.  In just the course of one day I turned this all around via use of the add-on, for the Google Chrome browser, called 'StayFocusd' (That's the correct spelling.)  I now limit my Facebook, G+, and Twitter time to 20 minutes during the work day and an hour on either side.

Once again, your show has inspired me to take a look around...and at myself...and make improvements.

Link related my above note:

"At Issue with Ben Merens" episode that prompted me to utilize a tool to force me to limit, meter, and most importantly, be aware of, my online, non-work related time:  http://wpr.org/merens/index.cfm?strDirection=Prev&dteShowDate=2012-07-17%2016%3A00%3A00%2E0

Google Search for 'Stayfocusd' reviews:

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