18 February, 2012

How to Generate a Decent TrueCrypt Beginning Number Sequence & Smoke Afterwards

    When I generate a TrueCrypt beginning number sequence, I use my right hand, to randomly jiggle my mouse, up, down, and up again. Then, thinking perhaps I am using a predictable beat or cadence, I introduce my left foot, slowly stroking the mouse in a circular pattern, clockwise, left and right, counter-clockwise, etc. I lean up to my mouse, surprising it, by yelling at it, so severely, the vibrations move it, just a teensy bit, upon its near frictionless surface. My left hand comes up, pinching the mouse wheel, and I giggle, then go crazy zooming my mouse around the desktop.

    Finally, nearly spent from the effort, I click the 'Format' button, and together, we deliver a bouncing baby set of numbers, probably never seen before, or again. I then slide my 1997 Yahoo! email contact list, into the container, knowing no one, but I, shall ever access the data.

    And I rest.

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