30 April, 2011

Automobile Upholstery Decorator

When I was a kid, before anyone had ever heard of a "DC Power Outlet", we still had great gadgets with which to occupy our time, while waiting for Mom to emerge from the liquor store with a carton of Salem Lights.

Cleaning the garage today, I found such a toy. I remember my Mom's excitement when I fashioned a Micky Mouse head and an Olympic symbol on the back seat of her '65 Mustang. She taught me some new adjectives that day, and if you'd known my mom, you would know how impressive that really was.


gomonkeygo said...

Yes! I'm sure your Mom was as happy as mine was when I found out that sharp things cut cloth - and couches and chairs are covered in cloth! How fun!

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing, without the creative flair, on the red leather backseat of an old Cadillac that we'd had. Maybe if there had been seat-belts we would have minded our manners. lol

~ Para

Linda said...

That's why we hang onto these little souvenirs, so we can re-live those happy times, eh?

ebaleytherogue said...

Thanks for the comments, Joel, Para, and Linda.

Our present is farther away, from our past, than our past was from its past. Okay, time for another beer.