29 October, 2008

Clean Water at Home - Soon....

Somewhat bothered by the amount of Radium, in my community's water supply, and generally digging the whole "clean" water thang -- buying the cheapie bottled water cases whenever they're on sale -- I started looking around at under-the-sink units.  After much reading I found a reverse osmosis unit (RO2000 Series B), made by Omnifilter (http://www.omnifilter.com/).  On sale for $157.98 locally at Menard's (home supply store), it looks relatively easy to install, per the manual (http://www.omnifilter.com/Owners%20Manuals/ROSystemManual2006.pdf) I downloaded from the site.  It has a separate faucet that I'll need to install, next to our standard faucet.  I'm actually looking forward to doing it.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

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John Rasmussen said...

Hey Dan,

Here's the one we have been using for a few years--very happy with it.