06 September, 2008

Mini-Review of Genesis: When in Rome

I checked this out on MHD..or whatever it's called this month...oh yeah, Palladia Network.  MHD is now Palladia.  Okay.  Whatever.


Genesis: When in Rome

The concert was well shot, but the song list was kind of strange.  I didn't recognize two of the songs, so they were either brand new or super old.  Either way they were extended album cuts.  Decent, but in this modern age of ADD I lost interest in the stuff I didn't know, as the music itself was not unique enough, from the stuff I do know, to get me to pay attention.  Perhaps there was more stuff, on the real DVD, that the network opted not to show...checking...yeah.  The set list, from the DVD, is as follows.  Much to my chagrin, "Home by the Sea" was not on the broadcast version, which is stupid, since it's a great tune.


  1. "Duke's Intro" (Behind The Lines, Duke's End)
  2. "Turn It On Again"
  3. "No Son Of Mine"
  4. "Land Of Confusion"
  5. "In The Cage Medley" (In The Cage, The Cinema Show, Duke's Travels)
  6. "Afterglow"
  7. "Hold On My Heart"
  8. "Home By The Sea"
  9. "Follow You, Follow Me"
  10. "Firth Of Fifth"
  11. "I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)"

Regardless, the musicianship was, of course, top-notch.  Mike Rutherford and Milwaukee's Daryl Stuermer traded guitar and bass roles constantly.  Chester Thompson handled the drumming when Collins was off singing...or when he was playing the drums (typical dual mode, fun to watch).

I recommend a one-time viewing if for no other reason than the film-makers get it right and actually show them handling their instruments, versus just showing their faces.

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