19 January, 2007

RC Helicopters...those mini-Styrofoam ones

Around Christmas I researched buying one of those little radio controlled helicopters that one can fly indoors.  The going price, at The Discovery Channel Store, Radio Shack, and other brick and mortar stores ranged from about $59-$79, so I went online, and I found a couple in the $25-$35 range that looked exactly the same.  Now, well after Christmas, I cannot remember where I found the links, so I will re-discover them and let you know what I find.  From the discussions I've read, one is just about the same as the other, so a) why spend money needlessly when a cheapie is available, and b) I'll probably fly the thing into a brick wall and bust up the "indestructible" little fellah anyway, so I might as well waste less money.
Understand here that I am talking about the little foam bodied dual propeller dealies, not a "true" RC helicopter that a hobbyist would have.  If anyone has any suggestions about which one(s) to buy, please post a reply here.  Otherwise watch this thread for an update.


Mike said...


I sell these in our store. Haven't heard any feedback on them yet, but I'm itching to pick one up myself. Did you end up buying it? Viper

ebaleytherogue said...

I did buy two of them, Mike. I found them for closeout prices (about $19 a piece as I recall).

I keep seeing the one, that I opened, in my closet, and I keep meaning to play with it, but I haven't had time. I screwed around with it briefly, but my toddler goes after it like a cat, and my older kids aren't interested.

Some day I'll play with it further. For now, when I have free time, I'm more interested in practicing the PC version of HALO so I can prepare to kick Kirby's butt.

gomonkeygo said...

Damn - this is my number one toy to buy! I'm going to sell some of my recent Battlestar Galactica toy purchases on Ebay and get me at least one, maybe two. I think two are needed.