14 July, 2006

Things that Irk Me - Part 2 - Joint (Couples) Email Boxes

An addendum to my ‘What Irks Me’ list:

Joint Email Accounts. Don’t you just love it when you get an email message from “Dick and Jane Doe”, like,

Hi, ____! How are you doing? Here’s some really good information. Talk to you later,


- Dick and Jane

Okay, so was it Dick or was it Jane who emailed me?! Do these people not have independent personalities? I’m sure they think it’s cute, or even convenient, but it really is irritating to be on the receiving end of such a thing. At least, if one is going to have the duo ‘Dick and Jane’ in the default signature, of the email, then for Godsakes take the time to put the –Dick or –Jane in after typing the email text! Usually I reply, “Thanks! By the way, was it Dick or Jane that sent me that message?”

I liken it to having one of those creepy voice scramblers, on the other end of the phone, that changes the voice to a computer voice or other non-descript/non-gender voice, and having the person answer “Dick and Jane here.” Dammit! Just tell me who you are!


- The whole Hee-Haw Gang (Junior Samples, Minny Pearl, Roy Clark, Buck Owens, String Bean)

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